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What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing badly damaged mortar and brick. Our team uses specialized tools to help ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. Your masonry will be restored to its original condition.

Do you fix city violations?

If you hire Liam construction –  Chicago Tuckpointing Service, we will guarantee you to correct the violations, and successfully pass city inspections.

Do you obtain permits or architectural drawings if needed?

Yes, we work with highly experienced expediters and architects to help you provide the fastest service.

Can you match the existing mortar color?

We have highly experienced masons that will match the existing mortar as close as possible.

Can you match my old brick?

We will take the time to go to different brickyards, to find the brick that best matches your existing bricks.

Will You Clean Up After The Project Is Finished?

Our team will protect your property as best as possible, and will remove all tools and excess materials as a daily base until the project is completed.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, you are covered. Chicago Tuckpointing Service will provide you with insurance proof and if needed we will add your property as an additional insured on our policy.

Who will be managing my project?

Chicago Tuckpointing Service will have a dedicated person to be managing the project.


What is EIFS

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation Finishing System.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is a cement wall used mostly for exterior walls and can have a vast variety of finishes.

What is Dryvit?

Dryvit is just a brand of EIFS that got so popular, people would confuse it with the actual stucco or EIFS.

Can you paint stucco or EIFS?

Yes, we at Liam Construction, will provide you with the best quality non fading paint.

Can I change the color of my existing stucco or EIFS?

Yes, and we can match any color at your choice.

Can I power wash my stucco or EIFS?

We don’t recommend power-washing, unless you are planing to paint your walls right after the process. This could damage your walls if not done properly.

Can you match my existing colors?

We will take the time and resources to match the color and texture as close as possible.

Can my stucco be repaired?

In most cases, stucco can be repaired, but there are some cases, that the existing stucco could be poorly installed or in fair condition that may need replacement.


What effect does wet and damp weather have on bricks?

If the brick retains dampness for a prolonged time and the drainage is poor, efflorescence could build on the surface. Also, a combination of dampness and frost can cause an awful lot of damage to any kind of brickwork.

How do I know when my chimney needs to be repaired? Why is it so vulnerable?

Chimneys have always been a high maintenance component of any home or building. The exposure to all possible weather conditions is the main culprit here but the extreme temperature differences between the inner and outer also has a significant bearing, especially in wet and frosty locales.

If the brick retains dampness for a prolonged time and the drainage is poor, efflorescence could build on the surface. Also, a combination of dampness and frost can cause an awful lot of damage to any kind of brickwork.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Masonry Work in Chicago area?

Chicago weather can be challenging, but starting with spring until late fall, masonry work can be safely performed. Liam construction team will take all precautions when comes to weather conditions in order to deliver the best quality for your project.

Can I clean my brick walls myself?

Yes, you can use your garden hose, or a pressure washer to start cleaning. You may have some staining from mineral buildup on your brick which won’t be removed just with clean water. If that’s the case, you contact us and our specialized team will use different cleaning acids that are environmentally safe and remove your staining from the brick.

Which cost more, masonry construction or conventional wood frame construction?

Masonry construction tends to be more expensive than a basic, wood frame home. Although brick is proven to last longer and require less maintenance, virtually paying for itself over time.

Are masonry homes more resistant to pests?

Masonry construction is less likely to let in an infestation of pests when compared to other building materials. Masonry is more solid, allowing less wiggle room for unwanted pests or insects to get inside.

Who do I call when I need masonry repairs, rebuilds, or maintenance?

Liam construction will be your best bet for all your masonry needs – big or small project our team will deliver.

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